Welcome to Gilitzer Porzellan GermanyWelcome to Gilitzer Porzellan Germany

We are happy to greet you on our website and hope you will enjoy it. Here you can browse in our Online-shop comfortably from home. As we want you to get a better overview of our assortment we uploaded all missing pictures in the past few weeks. In case you still want some more information about our assortment and products Miss Luisa Röring will help you answer all your questions. You can reach her by phone: +49 (0) 36701 / 69141.

Regarding all English queries please contact our new team member Miss Sandra Donner by phone: +49 (0) 36701 / 69105.

Kind regards,

Erich J. Bruckert
Business manager

Current IssuesCurrent Issues

We are glad to announce that we were able to fill all our output gaps within the past few months. That means all 300 products of the “Bone china” series are available again.

We are very proud of our new Étagère which is completely made of polished, stainless steel by now. The former brass-chrome plated Étagère will be replaced by the stainless steel version as it is more useful to the food service industry.
The plates of this more durable version of the Étagère are having a better horizontal fit as we are able to produce it with a better accuracy of fit by now.
We also introduced a XXL-version of the new polished, stainless steel Étagère which is very solid due to its size of 50 cm height.
With this XXL-Étagère you will be able to present bigger fruits without having any problems.
We hope you like the innovations of our assortment selection.

Your Porzellan Manufaktur Lichte-Wallendorf GmbH-Team

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